Sea-Doo Mods

With the new power of the Sea-doo today it's hard to wonder why anyone would want to go any faster. However, for those of you who want your pwc to accelerate harder, handle better, go faster, and having even more fun. We do supply and install aftermarket Sea-doo parts to upgrade these new 4-stroke watercraft. We also upgrade the older 2-stroke Sea-doo and for the DI owners we do no modifications to the engines.


We recommend for any Sea-doo 4-stroke owner to replace some of the hull components first. This will allow the Sea-doo to handle better, go faster through rough water and have more top end speed. The first change we recommend is to upgrade the stock sponsons to Riva sponsons. This keeps the Sea-doo flat while cornering to let you turn sharper at higher speeds. Next we recommend changing the intake grate and adding a pump wedge. The intake grate will "scoop" water into the jet pump. This is very helpful in rough water as the jet pump won't gravitate or come "unhooked" as much which lets the Sea-doo travel faster. The pump wedge tilts the nozzle of the jet pump up so more of the hull is out of the water. Less hull in the water = less drag = more mph. After these components have been changed and you still want more we have a few more goodies.



Left: Riva Sponson. Right: Stock Sponson Top: stock intake grate. Bottom: Riva intake grate

The next level for the 4-stroke watercraft is power. We have two Riva modifications: A cold air intake and a supercharger impeller. For the 155 and 135 horsepower 4-strokes, we don't recommend any engine upgrades. The Riva cold air intake takes the complex stock air system with baffles and hoses and a box and replaces it with one tube. This one tube gains 200-300 rpm and lets the motor rev up quicker. Add a Riva supercharger impeller and get another 1/2 lb of boost for even more power. The supercharger impeller only works well with the Riva's cold air intake




Left: Riva intake Middle: Stock Intake Right: Riva supercharger impeller

The last 4-stroke upgrade is the jet pump impeller and is only for the RXP. It's the last because the stock impeller for the RXP and RXT/GTX works very well even with all the components installed listed above. The Solas impeller will gain 2mph in the top, accelerate harder, and stay "hooked in" better with all the previous mods.

With all the modifications and components changed. The RXT/GTXscic will do 70mph and will handle a lot better. The RXP with all mods and components should run 73-76 mph.



Left: Stock impeller Right: Solas impeller, Compare the
edges of the impellers, see how the
solas impeller is more arced this
helps keep the jet pump "hooked in"


First level:
Sponsons - $395.00
Intake Grate - $180.00 GTX/RXT - $215.00 RXP
Pump Wedge - $170.00

Second level
Supercharger impeller - $coming soon
Air intake - $335.00

DI(direct fuel injection)

For the DI owners there isn't much to do. Other then change out some hull components and maybe change the jet pump impeller. Sponsons and intake grates will make a difference in handling and rough water speed but not necessarily in flat water top speed. Impellers can make a difference in top end and will definitely "hook up" better then stock. That is all we can offer the DI models


For the 2-strokes models, performance items like aftermarket exhaust and big carburetors we do not supply. Because a lot of the stroke items are getting harder to buy. But we do things like air filters, re-jet the stock carburetors, even primers for the 95 and prior seadoos, bump compression, and reeds. Of course we can get sponsons, intake grates, and impellers as well.

Before any modification is done its a good idea to rebuild the motor if it has been water-flooded many times or if its been water flooded and has sat over 2hours. Or if the engine has 400+ hours.

As far as the order of modification definitely a re-jet of the carburetors is first and air filters. This makes the Sea doo run perfect. We have kept records of these modifications of previous Sea-doo so we know exactly what works best.

Impellers will make a difference in top speed and "hook up." However, only certain models respond well with different impellers. We have records of what impellers work best in each model.

If you want more power, bumping the compression really helps. It really makes the throttle response snappy. After a re-jet, airfilters and bumped compression it should make a good 5mph+ difference and it will accelerate and start/idle much better.

To do these mods please contacts us as we will look in our records to let you know what will work best. Call for prices.